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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Found In The Closet


Found In The Closet /// HERE

Found In The Closet - Vol 01 to 10
Found In The Closet - Vol 11 to 20
Found In The Closet - Vol 21 to 30
Found In The Closet - Vol 31 to 40
Found In The Closet - Vol 41 to 50

Found In The Closet - Vol 01 to 10

Albert Stone - Don't Believe Him Donna
Alma Cogan - Snakes, Snails And Puppy Dog Tails
Autry Inman - Mary Nell
Avert Lutrell - A Date With You
Barry St John - Come Away Melinda
Beryl Marsden - Everybody Loves A Lover
Beryl Marsden - When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
Billie Davis - Just Walk In My Shoes
Billie Davis - There Must Be A Reason
Billy Randall - Bye, Bye Teacher
Bitty McLean - Dedicated To The One I Love
Bo Cooper - Christian
Bob Denton - Skinny Minnie
Bobbie Jameson - Please Mr. Mailman
Bobbie Miller - What A Guy
Bobby Dean - St. James Infirmary
Bobby Doyle - The Girl Done Got It Together
Bobby Pickett - Gotta Leave This Town
Brendon - A Life In England
Bryan And The Brunelles - Jacqueline
Candlewick Green - Who Do You Think You Are
Carol Freeman - Leaving You Now
Carol Friday - Everybody I Know
Caroline Munro - Tar And Cement
Cathy Carr - To Know Him Is To Love Him
Cathy Carroll - Don't Quit
Charlie Drake - She's My Girl
Christie Allen - He's My Number One
Christine Quaite - Will You Be The Same Tomorrow
Clodagh Rodgers - Play The Drama (Till The End)
Danny King - Tossin' And Turnin'
Danny Wolfe - Pucker Paint
Dave Davani And The D-Men - Midnight Special
Davey Sands And The Essex - Advertising Girl
Dawn And The Deejays - These Are The Things About You
Del Swade - Better Get Ready Betty
Destiny's Children - The Collectors
Doctor Father - Umbopo
Dodie West - Going Out Of My Head
Don Burtin - Tatilizin' Baby
Donna Lee-Anne - Fifteen, Only Fifteen
Donna Lynn - That's Me, I'm The Brother
Eddie McKinney And The Belvederes - Teen Town Hop
Eileen Reid And The Cadets - Jealous Heart
Elkie Brooks - Something's Got A Hold On Me
Elkie Brooks - Way You Do The Things You Do
Fargo - Sunny Day Blue
Felice Taylor - Under The Influence Of Love
Found In The Closet - Vol 01 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 01 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 01 - Front
Found in The Closet - Vol 02 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 02 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 02 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 03 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 03 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 03 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 04 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 04 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 04 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 05 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 05 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 05 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 06 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 06 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 07 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 07 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 08 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 08 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 09 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 09 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 10 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 10 - Front
Frankie Dee - Shake It Up Baby
Fred And The Embers - I Put The Bomp
Freddie Ryder - Slow Down
Gabriel And The Angels - All Work And No Play
Gale Garnet - I Make Him Fly
Gerri Granger - Castle In The Sky
Ginny Arnell - Tell Me What He Said
Glenda Collins - Thou Shalt Not Steal
Gloria Jones - Finders Keepers
Gloria Jones - Run One Flight Of Stairs
Goldie And The Gingerbreads - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Gunilla Thorpe - Merry Go Round
Hamilton King - Ain't It Time
Hayley Mills - Green And Yellow Basket
Helen Shapiro - Your My Remedy
Honey Cone - While You're Out Looking For Sugar {Single}
J And B - Wow! Wow! Wow!
J. Bastos - Holy Goly Girl
Jack Hammer - Kissin' Twist
James Ray - I'm Walking Behind You
Jan Panter - Scratch My Back
Janice Peters - A Girl Likes
Janie Black - Lonely Sixteen
Janie Jones - Witches Brew
Jean Dinning - Bo Diddley
Jeannie And The Big Guys - Sticks And Stones
Jennie Smith - It's Murder For Roberta
Jerry Lee Lewis - I'm On Fire
Jerry McGill And The Topcoats - Lovestruck
Jimmy Boyd - I Would Never Do That
Joanie Bartels - Martian Hop
Joe South - You're The Reason
Johnny Lion - Haunted Heart
Johnny Sandon And The Remo - Lies
Jon - Polly Sunday
Judi Miller - Wait Johnny For Me
Judy Carnes - Sock It To Me
Julie And The Desires - Kiss And Tell
Julie Budd - I Love Your Kind Of Loving
Julie Rogers - Day By Day
Julie Rogers - The Love Of A Boy
Kari Lynn - Cleo Cleopatra
Karol Keyes - No One Can Take Your Place
Kenni Woods - Can't He Take A Hint
Kevin Shegog - Little Sister Laura
Kim Roberts - Love Can't Wait
Lesley Miller - Just Another Fresh Boy
Linda Glass - Before Love Beats Me Going
Linda Layne - Mark My Word
Little Pattie - Dance Puppet Dance
Little Pattie - Gravitation
Little Pattie - He's My Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy
Little Tony And His Brothers - The Hippy Hippy Shake
Llan - Anytime
Lori Martin - The Home Of The Boy I Love
Lorne Lesley - Someone Like You
Louise Cordet - I'm Just A Baby
Lulu - What A Wonderful Feeling
Lyn Cornell - I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
Lyn Cornell - The Sweet Life
Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me
Mac Davis - I'm A Poor Loser
Mamie Van Doren - The Bikini With No Top On The Top
Marc Grey - My First Day Without You
Margie Rayburn - Every Minute Of The Day
Marty Rhone - Denim And Lace
Mary McCarthy - You Know He Did
Maureen Evans - Love, Kisses And Heartaches
Maxine Nightingale - Don't Push Me Baby
Meredith MacRae - Image Of A Boy
Mia Lewis - Nothing Lasts Forever
Michael Leslie - Make Up Or Break Up
Muriel Day - The Wages Of Love
Nancy - Hesitatin'
Nancy Day - Teen Age Hop
Nancy Thomas - Rainbow Girl
Neil Landon - I've Got Nothing To Lose
Nick Berry - Heartbeat
Opus - Baby Come On
Pamela Blue - My Friend Bobby
Pat Reader - Cha Cha On The Moon
Patsy Ann Noble - You're My Good Looking Boy
Patty Surbey - Hey, Boy!
Paula Parfitt - Love Is Wonderful
Pebbles - Playing Chess
Pete Tierney And The Nighthawks - That's Too Bad
Peter London - Baby, I Like The Look Of You
Ray Singer - What's Done Has Been Done
Robb And Dean Douglas - Gentle People
Roger And The Markees - Liza Lee
Roger Bloom's Hammer - 15% Temperature Rise
Ronny Keenan - Jukebox Queen
Ruby Murray - Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye
Rumplestiltskin - Squadron Leader Johnson
Samantha Jones - Go Ahead
Samantha Jones - Today Without You
Sandie Shaw - Today
Shirley Caddell - The Big Bounce
Shirley Matthews - Big Town Boy
Sonny Lowery - Goodbye Baby Goodbye
Steve Francis - Watch Your Step
Sue Landers - It Hurts Too Much To Laugh
Susan Cowsill - Don't Worry Baby
Susan Maughan - Come Along Down And See Me
Suzi Miller And The Johnston Brothers - Happy Days And Lonely Nights
Suzie - Johnny Loves Me
Tammy St. John - Boys
Texas Red And The Contours - Comin' Home
The Andromeda - Keep Out I'm Dying
The Blackwells - Why Don't You Love Me
The Bliss - Lifetime
The Blue Chips - Some Kind Of Lovin'
The Blue Rondos - I Don't Want Your Lovin' No More
The Bobby Doyle Three - Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
The Boston Crabs - As Long As I Have You
The Brimstones - I'm In Misery
The Brotherhood - Give It To Me Now
The Bunch - You Can't Do This
The Carlew Choir - Huma Lama
The Charles E. Funk Rebellion - It's Gonna Be The Death Of You
The Clinger Sisters - Golly Mum
The Corsairs - Pay You Back With Interest
The Creatures - It Must Be Love
The Definitive Rock Chorale - Picture Postcard World
The Deuce Coup - Angela
The Dodos - I Made Up My Mind
The Eire Apparent - Yes I Need Someone
The Endevers - She's My Girl
The England Sisters - Heartbeat
The Falling Leaves - She Loves To Be Love
The Francettes - Young Daddy
The Fresh Windows - Summer Sun Shines
The Fruit Machine - I'm Alone Today
The Gentle Power Of Song - Constant Penelope
The Girls - Way Way Out
The Glass Menagerie - Do You Ever Think
The Guards - Let Me Go Home
The Guild - The Sun Shines For You
The Hangmen - Bad Goodbye
The Hi-Fi's - I Keep Forgetting
The Hollywood Argyles - Sho' Know A Lot About Love
The Huskies - Matchbox
The Imposters - Q111
The Inmates - More Than I Have
The Lady Birds - Why Must I Be Lonely
The Laurie Jay Combo - Teenage Idol
The Little Darlings - Easy To Cry
The Martells - Time To Say Goodbye
The Mauroks - Susan
The McCoys - Ko-Ko
The Michael Sammes Singers - Somewhere My Love
The Mockingbirds - I Can Feel We're Parting
The Montanas - Doctor Nero
The Niteshades - I'm Not Gonna Worry
The North Stars - Eenie Meenie Minee Mo
The Nothings - At Times Like These
The Open Mind - Magic Potion
The Perishers - How Does It Feel
The Playground - I Could Be So Good
The Putney Bridge - Meaning Of Love
The Pyramids - Baby's Gone Away
The Quiet Five - Goodnight Sleep Tight
The Rare Bird - Hammerhead
The Rats - Dragon Child
The Raw Material - Traveller Man (Part 1)
The Rebels - Call Me
The Rescue Co. No. 1 - It's Only Words
The Rocamars - All In Black Woman
The Roger James Four - Leave Me Alone
The Rumble - Let Me Dawn
The Scaffold - Liver Birds
The Sir Douglas Quintet - Stagger Lee
The Smoke Ring - How'd You Get To Be So Wonderful
The Smoke Ring - Waitin' For Love To Come My Way
The Staccatos - Come Back Silly Girl
The Stains - Now And Then
The Sunsets - Playmate Of The Year
The Sweet - Chop Chop
The Taiconderoga - Speaking My Mind
The Tasmanians - Baby
The Troggery Five - It's So Easy
The Viscounts - Mama's Doin' The Twist
The Walrus - Who Can I Trust
The West Five - If It Don't Work Out Again
Theola Kilgore - The Sound Of A Man (Chain Gang)
Tiffany And The Thoughts - Find Out What's Happening
Toby Twirl - Utopia Daydream
Together - Good Morning World
Tommy Bishop's Ricochets - I Should Have Known
Tommy Bruce And The Bruisers - Boom Boom
Tony And The Del-Fi's - Going To Miami
Tony Colton - Lose My Mind
Tracy Rogers - Baby
Val McKenna - Baby Do It
Valerie Carr - I Talked Too Much
Valerie Masters - He Didn't Fool Me
Veronica Lee - Foreign Boy
Vikki Carr - I Only Have Eyes For You
Wayne Gibson And The Dynamic Sound - Baby Baby Baby Pity Me
Wes Voight - I'm Ready To Go Steady
Yemm And The Yemen - Black Is The Night


Found In The Closet - Vol 11 to 20

Abraham And His Sons - Your Mother Understood
Al Christie - Kansas City
Al Trace - Pretty Eyed Baby
Andrea Davis - You Gave Me Soul
Anita Lang - Lucky Lips
Ann D'andre - He's The Boy
Art Rouse - Start Movin'
Art Russell - Dungaree Doll
Arthur Willis And Soulful Dynamics - The Hurting Is Over
B.J. Thomas And The Triumphs - Never Tell
Barbara Jackson - He's Good
Barry Darvell - I Found A Daisy (In The City)
Benice Swanson - Lying Awake
Betty Brooks - Funky Funky
Betty Moorer - Speed Up
Betty Turner - The Winds Kept Laughing
Beverly Noble - You Cheated
Beverly Williams - He's Hurtin' Me
Big Maybelle - I Can't Wait Any Longer
Bill Courtney - Blanket On The Beach
Billy Davis - Stanky Get Funky
Bob Denton - Playboy
Bob Smith - Molly By Golly
Bobby Hutton - I've Got A Memory
Bobby Powell - Do Something For Yourself
Bobby Williams - I've Only Got Myself To Blame
Bosse Quiding - Yay Yay Yay
Brother John Sellers - Blue Suede Shoes
Buddy Thomas - Wear My Ring Around Your Neck
Bull - Bygones
Burt Bacharach - Wives And Lovers (Single)
Camaro's - We're Not Too Young (To Fall In Love)
Candace Love - Wonderful Night
Candy Sparling - When's He Gonna Kiss Me
Carmen Cole - I'll Never Stand In Your Way
Carol Frederick - I Couldn't Care Less
Carol Robinson - Wild Man
Carole Shelyne - Boys Do Make Passes At Girls Who Wear Glasses
Carolyn Young - Ordinary Guy
Casinos - I Still Love You
Chance Eden - Barefoot Through The Grass
Christopher Blue (Vocal By Doug Davis) - Happy Just To Be Alive
Christy Allen - Heart Don't Let Him Know
Clairette Clementino - Ev'rywhere
Clairette Clementino - You've Been Telling Our Secrets
Cloda Rogers - Mister Heartache
Curtis And Del - Big Wind
Curtis Smith - Could This Be Magic
Darlene Paul - Act Like Nothing Happened
Dave Ventura - I Know
Dawn - Can't Get Him Of My Mind
Dean Christie - I'm A Loser
Deena Johnson - The Breaking Point
Delbert Barker - Blue Suede Shoes
Delbert Barker - So Doggone Lonesome
Denny Belline - Outside The City
Diane Lewis - You Ain't Got A Chance
Dick And Dee Dee - Heartbeats
Dick Holler - Double Shot
Dick Jacobs - Rock-A-Billy Gal
Dick Penrose - Hard Headed Woman
Dick Warren - Rock Around The Clock
Dickey Lee - She's Walking Away
Doc And The Interns - Baby I Know
Don Head - Goin' Strong
Don Lang - You Started Something
Don Pearly - Drag Race
Earl Robbins - Teddy Bear
Ed Bruce - See The Big Man Cry
Fess Parker - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
Found In The Closet - Vol 11 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 11 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 11 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 12 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 12 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 12 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 13 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 13 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 13 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 14 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 14 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 14 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 15 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 15 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 15 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 16 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 16 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 16 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 17 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 17 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 17 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 18 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 18 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 18 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 19 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 19 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 19 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 20 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 20 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 20 - Front
Frankie Calen - Too Good To Be True
Freddy Cannon - Fractured
Gabe Drake - Rock-A-Beatin' Boogie
Gene Simmons - No Other Guy
George Cameron - My Heart Tells Me So
George McCannon III - Seven Million People
Gitte - The Heart That You Break
Glenn Yarbrough - It's Gonna Be Fine
Grady And Brady - Star Of The Show
Graham Bonney - Hill Of Lovin'
Grazina - Be My Baby
Grazina - I Ain't Gonna Knock On Your Door
Hal Willis - Great Balls Of Fire
Hal Willis - Peggy Sue
Herb Gale - Tallahassie Lassie
Hollis Harbison - Johnny B. Goode
Jack Daniels - Tutti Frutti
Jackie Burns And The Bo Bells - He's My Guy
Jan Burnnette - The Boy I Used To Know
Janie Marden - Make The Night A Little Longer
Jay And The Americans - Two Of A Kind
Jean Campbell - Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Jerry Dunne - Keep A Knockin'
Jerry Dunne And The Zig Zags - Little Bitty Pretty One
Jerry Fuller - Charlene
Jesse Boone And The Astros - I Got To Love You
Jesse James - I Need You Baby
Jesse Lee Turner - I'm The Little Space Girl's Father
Jimmie Helms - What Am I To Do
Jimmy Breedlove - Oo Whee Good Gosh A-Mighty
Jimmy Hines - The Story Of My Love
Joanne Engel - Hurry Back
Joanne Engel - I Want Him
Joey Cooper - It Looks Like It's Gonna Be My Year
Johnny And The Expressions - Shy Girl
Johnny London - Watching Over You
Johnny Worth - When
Josephine Sunday - He's Not Mine Anymore
Joy Hamilton - You Got My Nose Open Baby
Judy Cannon - Mr Songwriter
June Manila - Never Ever Let You Go (Single)
Kenny Gamble And The Romeos - Ain't It Baby
Kirby St. Romain - Butterflies
Lea Roberts - All Right Now
Lee Stirling - My Heart Commands Me
Lesley Miller - Heartache Is Over
Lillian Briggs - Come Here
Lincoln Chase - That's All I Need
Little Jimmy Dee - I Went On
Little Nicky Soul - I Wanted To Tell You
Lola Dee - Hot Rod Henry
Loren Becker - Endless Sleep
Loren Becker - Honest I Do
Lorne Gibson - What Kind Of Love Is This
Lorraine Gray - Are You Getting Tired Of Your Little Toy
Lorraine Gray - Talk To Him
Louis Prima - Beep! Beep!
Love Potion - This Love
Manny Corchado - Pow Wow
Marcia Brody - Don't Tell Anyone
Marcie Jones - I Wanna Know
Marie Knight - I Was Born Again
Marilyn Powell - Please Go Away
Marlene Dietrich - Blowin' In The Wind
Marlina Mars - Just For The Book
Marv Lockard - Don't Be Cruel
Max Harris - Gurney Slade
Merry Clayton - I Struck A Match
Merry Clayton - Nothing Left To Do But Cry
Mickey Hawks And Night Raiders - Bip Bop Boom
Millicent Martin - Suspicion
Nicky DeMatteo - Baby That's All
Oliver - Can't You See
Our Ladies Of Soul - Let's Groove Together
Paradox - Ring The Changes
Patience Valentine - Unlucky Girl
Patti Anne And The Flames - Shtiggy Boom
Patty Michaels - Born A Woman
Pearl Woods - Don't Tell It All
Pearlean Gray - Have You Ever Had The Blues
Peggy Lee - Every Night
Piper Grant - Crazy Mixed Up Girl
Promises - Living In The Footsteps Of Another Girl
Ramona King - It Couldn't Happen To A Nicer Guy
Ramona King - Run Johnny Run
Rare Bread - It's The Magic In You
Renaldo Domino - Don't Go Away
Ronnie Hilton - Hey Look Me Over
Ruby Love - You Just Don't Know
Ruby Winters - Just Like A Yo Yo
Rusty Draper - The Gun Of Billy The Kid
Ruth Lewis - Hurting Each Other
Sam Butera - She's A Kookamunger
Sam Cooke - I Fall In Love Everyday
Scott Taylor - Our Love
Shirley Jackson - Don't Play Me A Love Song
Shirley Jackson - Wait For Me
Shorty Long - Hey, Doll Baby
Stephanie Kane - It's Love
Steve Allen - The Ballad Of Davy Crockett
Steve Douglas - There You Go, There You Go
Steve Marks - Don't
Steve Race - Pied Piper (The Beeje)
Tami Lynn - The Boy Next Door
Ted Heath - Hot Toddy
Tempi Lorrin And The Candy Girls - Runaround
The Apollas - Seven Days
The Applejacks - Rocka-Conga
The Arabians - Please Take A Chance On Me
The Blue Beats - Extra Girl
The Blue Jays - Cave Man Love
The Brothers Of Soul - Hurry Don't Linger
The Bruisers - Blue Girl
The Camerons - Cheryl
The Catalinas - You Haven't The Right
The Classics - So Glad That I Found You
The Commodores - Uranium
The Conquest - Is It Right
The Corwins - Get A Job
The Crystals - You Can't Tie A Good Girl Down
The Decisions - I Can't Forget About You
The Del Counts - What Is The Reason
The Deletts - Look At Me
The Elves - Walking In Different Circles
The Everly Brothers - Dancing On My Feet
The Flames - Dark Man
The Four Bars - What's On Your Mind
The Four Pros - Just Another Girl
The Gaylords - Jesse James
The Grandisons - All Right
The Grass Roots - Pain
The Group - Baby Baby It's You
The Guys And Dolls - Looking For A Lover
The Honey Dreamers - Molly-O
The Honey Dreamers - The Campus Rock
The Isley Brothers - Move Over And Let Me Dance
The Kittens - Round About Way
The Lane Brothers - Boppin' In A Sack
The Limeys - The Mountain's High
The Lockettes - I Love The Boy Who Lives Next Door
The Lovelites - Please Be My Boyfriend
The Mar-Vells - Go On And Have Yourself A Ball
The Marketts - Balboa Blue
The New Christy Minstrels - Greenback Dollar
The News - This Is The Moment
The Paris Sisters - Once Upon A Time
The Pets - I Say Yeah
The Playings - Love Me Forever
The Profiles - Rain Drops
The Ramblers - Along Came Jones
The Ravens - That'll Be The Day
The Royal Lancers - At The Head Of The Crowd
The Shillings - Lying And Trying
The Soul Blenders - The Deal
The Southlanders - The Mole In The Hole
The Starr Sisters - Every Beat Of My Heart
The Superbs - I Was Blind
The Supremes - Don't Leave Me Here To Cry
The Sweethearts - He's A Yankee
The Tokens - Tina
The Trend - Shot On Sight
The Velvets - Let The Fool Kiss You
The Velvettes - He's The One I Want
The Viscaynes - Heavenly Angel
The Visitors - I'm Gonna Stay
Tim Tam And The Turnons - Cheryl Ann
Tim Tam And The Turnons - Kimberly
Tommy Frontera - After Tonight
Tompall And The Glasers - Yakety-Yak
Toni Lamarr - I'd Do Anything
Tony Merrick - Wake Up
Truly Smith - Windows And Doors
Vaughn Monroe - All By Myself
Vikki Carr - Forget You
Wade Flemons - I'll Come Runnin'
Wanderers - You Can't Run Away From Me
We're Not Sisters - Oh Baby, Whoa Baby, Oh
Wendy Boy Blevins - A Girl In Her Teens
Young Guitar Red - Red Hot Red

Found In The Closet - Vol 21 to 30

Aaron Collins - Little Bit Of Lovin'
Andy And The Classics - Yaba Da Ba Do
Arthur Thomas - Good Thing Goin'
Betty Lloyd - Snowflakes, Pt 1
Betty Luther - Hearts Don't Break
Bill Cagle - The Other Ninety Nine
Bill Johnson - I Ain't Never Gonna Die
Bill Johnson - You Got Soul
Bill Kimbrough And The Townsmen - Chantilly Lace Cha-Cha
Bill Woods - The Story Of Suzie
Billy And The Glens - Oh Boy
Billy Young - Too Much
Bob Jennings - Leave A Little Play (In The Chain Of Love)
Bob Keefe - Satellite Sadie
Bob Moore - Rawhide
Bobbi Staff - He Chickened Out On Me
Bobby Barnett - Drink Canada Dry
Bobby Bond - Mr. & Mrs. Brown
Bobby Brinkley - (I'm Just) The Guy With The Car
Bobby Crush - The Stripper
Bobby Hollister - Ring Around Your Neck
Bobby Patterson And The Mustangs - Soul Is Our Music
Bobby Powell - C.C. Rider
Bobby Reed - The Time Is Right For Love
Bobby Stevens - Rubber Ball
Bobby Stevens - You're Sixteen
Bobby Sykes - The Guard On The North Wall
Buck Nelson - Did Anybody Lose A Tear
Buck Nelson - Too Young To Wed Her
Buddy Landon - Raunchy Little Baby
Buddy Merrill - Brontosaurus Walk
Candy And The Kisses - Let The Good Times Roll
Carol And Anthony - Big John
Carol Jarvis - Little Red Rooster
Carroll Bateman - Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me
Charles Blackwell And His Orchestra - High Noon
Charlie Hoss - The Raunchy Twist
Chuck Carbo - Lucy Brown
Chuck Daniels - Glass-Pak
Cousin Tuny - Mortgaged Plymouth
Curtis And Del - A Change Of Heart
Darrell Banks - I've Got That Feelin'
De Vol - Whatever Happened To Baby Jane
Dee Dee Gartrell - Second Hand Love
Dee Dee Gartrell - Would That Break Your Heart
Delbert Barker - Heartbreak Hotel
Delilah And Johnny Hartsman Band - I'll Rock You Baby
Delores Hall - W-O-M-A-N
Deon Jackson - Hush Little Baby
Deon Jackson - I'll Always Love You
Dick Glasser - Crazy Alligator
Dick Williams - Hillbilly Rock
Don Costa And His Orchestra - Hully Gully
Don Duke - Look For A Star
Don Duke - Theme For A Dream
Don Duke And Bobby Stevens - Are You Sure
Don Duke And Bobby Stevens - More Than I Can Say
Don French - Goldilocks
Don Kirkland - Ten Thousand Yen
Doris Troy - Face Up To The Truth
Doris Troy - He's Qualified
Dorothy And The Hesitations - Trying To Work Out A Plan
E.C. Beatty - Ski King
Earl Sinks - Raining On My Side Of Town
Eddie Bond - Boo Bop Da Caa Caa
Eddie Cash - Livin' Lovin' Temptation
Elaine And Derek - Goodnight My Love, Pleasant Dreams
Elliott Shavers - Rock My Soul
Elton Britt - Uranium Fever
Emanuel Lasky - I Need Somebody
Emmy Lou - I Wanna Know
Eric Delany Band - Manhattan Spiritual
Farrel And The Flames - You'll Be Sorry
Felton Jarvis - Swingin' Cat
Found In The Closet - Vol 21 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 21 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 21 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 22 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 22 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 22 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 23 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 23 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 23 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 24 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 24 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 24 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 25 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 25 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 25 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 26 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 26 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 26 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 27 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 27 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 27 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 28 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 28 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 28 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 29 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 29 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 29 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 30 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 30 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 30 - Front
Frank Dell - Baby You've Got It
Frankie Dee - Walking In The Rain
Fred Darian - Legend Of The Ghost Stage
Fred Lowery With Big Bo And The Arrows - I'm Sorry
G.L. Crockett - Watch My 32
Ganimian And His Orientals - Come With Me To The Casbah
Gary Griffin And the Top Ten - Think Nothing About It
Gene Chandler - After The Laughter (Here Comes The Tears)
Gene Nash - Deutsche Rock 'N Roll
Gene The Hat - Big Cigar
Gerry Glenn And His Orchestra - Tokyo Melody
Gliss Anders - Whistling Plowboy
Gloria Ramsey - Good Poppin' Daddy
Goldie Hill - Yankee, Go Home
Goldie Winn - I Won't Give Up My Husband
Guitar Ray - Patty Cake Shake
Holly Maxwell - Philly Barracuda
Howard Vokes - His Last Ride
J. Gardner - Mustard Greens
Jack Costanzo - I Got A Bongo
Jack Gale And The Medicine Men - The Sloppy Madison
Jack Laforge - The Cleopatra Kick
Jack Melick And The Gamblers - Honky Tonk Train
James Eddie Campbell - Comet Toast
Jay W. King - I'm So Afraid
Jeanette White - Music
Jerry Hanson - Why Not Cha Cha
Jerry Mercer - Blue Suede Shoes
Jimmy Delphs - Don't Sign The Paper Baby (I Want You Back)
Jimmy Delphs - I've Been Fooled Before
Jimmy Lee - Don't Take Your Guns To Town
Jo Armstead - I've Been Turned On
Joe Harnell And His Orchestra - Harlem Nocturne
Joe Johnson - Gila Monster
Johnnie Mae Matthews - Here Comes My Baby
Johnny Appleseed - Ever Night Lulu
Johnny Ballad And The Zodiacs - My Song
Johnny Fairchild And The Nite Riders - Please Please Please
Johnny Reno - Naughty Mama
Johnny Sayles - Somebody's Changing (My Sweet Baby's Mind)
Josephine Taylor - I've Made Up My Mind
Keith Mansfield And His Orchestra - Soul Confusion
Lee Dorsey - Hello Good Looking
Leona Williams - Country Girl With Hot Pants On
Les Brown - Les' Twist
Lewis Clark - I Need You, Baby
Little Jerry Williams - Just What Do You Plan To Do About It
Little Royal - You'll Lose A Good Thing
Lloyd Jones - Venus
Lloyd Price - Oh, Lady Luck
Louise Murray - The Love I Give
Lowell Fulsom - Funky Broadway
Lucille Mathis - I'm Not Your Regular Woman
Luvenia Lewis - So Many Times
Margaret Lewis - Johnny's Cash Or Joey's Love
Marlene And The Nite Shades - Hey, Hey, Baby
Marv Bilhovde - Dearest Darling
Marvelle And The Blue Mats - The Dance Called The Motion
Mary Ann Fisher - Give
Matt Lucas - Ooby Dooby
Merv Shiner - You Can Tell The World
Michael And The Jesters - Screwdriver
Mort (Doc) Downey, Jr - The Ballad Of Billy Brown
Newby And Johnson - I Want To Give You My Everything
Onie Wheeler - Who Wrote That Song
Overtones - Hawaiian Haze
Pat And Pam - I Love You, Yes I Do
Pat And Pam - I'm The One Who Loves You
Pat Lundy - Make It For The Door
Patti Drew - Sufferer
Pearl Woods - Lonely Avenue
Pete Jolly - Bonaparte's Retreat
Polly Hutt And Her Crackers - Why Buy The Cow
Porter Wagoner - Let's Squiggle
Ray Anthony - Tequila With A Twist
Ray Ellis And His Orchestra - First Man Into Space
Ray Godfrey - Keep Your Chin Up Soldier
Ray Sharpe - Help Me (Get The Feeling) (Parts 1 And 2)
Raymond Lewis - Miss Sticks Again
Raymond Lewis - Miss Sticks
Rhythm Heirs - Strange World
Robin Cody - Big Chief Tell 'Um Lies
Rocky Olson - Kansas City
Round Robin - Ton Of Joy
Roy Lee Johnson - Cheer Up, Daddy's Coming Home
Rusty Canyon With The Banana Boys - Banana-What A Crazy Fruit!
Sallie Blair - In The Still Of The Night
Sallie Blair - Keep An Eye On Your Man
Sam And Bill - Beautiful Baby
Sam And Bill - Fly Me To The Moon
Sam And Bill - For Your Love
Sam And Bill - I Feel Like Cryin'
Sam Butera - Chantilly Lace
Sam Butera - Come On And Do The Twist
Sammy Ambrose - Limbo Like Me
Stanley Wilson - Theme Of Alfred Hitchcock Presents
Stuart Hamblen - What Can I Do For My Country
Terry Fell - I Can Hear You Clucking
The Ace Adams Singers - Ooh-Ya Ya Ya
The Acklin Brothers - I Want My Baby
The Acklin Brothers - Junior's Angle
The Brothers And The Sisters - The Ali Shiffle
The Centurys - Gandy Dancer
The Chains - I Can Learn
The Chips - Mixed Up, Shook Up Girl
The Clee-Shays - The Man From U.N.C.L.E.
The Corwins - Oh, Julie
The Crescents - That's All She Left Me
The Crescents And The McMillan Sisters - Here You Come Again
The Dancing Panther Danceband - Cha-Cha Choo Choo
The Delcos - Cleopatra
The DuShons - You Better Think It Over
The Echoes - The Little Green Man
The Egyptians - The Party Stomp
The Esquirers - The Girl In Chinatown
The Exception - You Always Hurt Me
The Fabulettes - Money
The Fabulous Shalimars - Afro Soul
The Fairmount Singers - The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
The Ferrell Brothers - When
The Forbidden Five - Enchanted Farm
The Fuller Brothers - (I Want Her) By My Side
The Fuller Brothers - Moanin', Groanin' And Cryin'
The Fuller Brothers - Stranger At My Door
The Gem Tones - Hawaiian War Rock
The Gosdin Brothers - Hangin' On
The Heartbreakers - How Do You Say Goodbye
The Invaders - Cat's Eyes
The Invitations - The Skate
The Jet Tones - Jet Tone Boogie
The Jewels - We Got Togetherness
The Joiner, Arkansas Junior High School Band - National City
The Lovables - You Can't Dress Up A Broken Heart
The Lovelites - Bumpy Road Ahead
The Magictones - I've Changed
The Mystics - I Really Love You
The Overtones - Smoke Rings
The Pacers - Sad Sad
The Page Boys - Barricuda
The Peppermint Stiks - El Twisto
The Precisions - Cleopatra
The Ray Hudson Quartet - Sayonara Cha Cha
The Routers - Big Band
The Run-A-Ways - Night Creature
The Seven Souls - I Still Love You
The Seven Souls - I'm No Stranger
The Simmons - Out Of This World
The Simms Twins - Right To Love
The Simms Twins - The Smile
The Spaniels - Maybe
The Stokes - Whipped Cream
The T-Birds - Bag Pipe Stroll
The Tangiers - Doin' The Waddle
The Three Dimensions - Act Like A Baby
The Vibrations - Feel So Bad
The Volcanos - Polaris
The Volcanos - Scotch Mist
The Waldorf Trio - Born Too Late
The Younghearts - Do You Have The Time
Tim And Bill - Someone
Timothy Carr - Love My Love
Tiny Lewis - I Get Weak
Tom And Jerrio - Come On And Love Me
Tommy Vann And The Professionals - For Goodness Sake
Tommy Vann And The Professionals - Soul Sister Annie
Tommy Wills - Funky Sax
Tommy Wills And His Twisting Tomcats - ''Aw Shucks'' Go On Twist
Toni Lamarr - If I Didn't Love You
Tony And Lynn - I'm Hip To You Baby
Tony Butala - Long Black Stockings
Tony Hatch Orchestra - Ghost Squad
Truman Thomas - The Weight
Truman Thomas - Twenty-Five Miles
Weston Prim - Get That Feelin'
Willard Posey Reunion - My Kind Of Woman
Wylie Dixon - When Will It End

Found In The Closet - Vol 31 to 40

Al Barkle - Come Summer
Alan David - I Found Out Too Late
Aldo Hubbins - Flipity Flip Flop Fly
Andy And The Marglows - I'll Get By
Anita Harris - The Playground
Anne-Marie - You Won't Be Sorry
April Byron - He's A Thief
April Young - You're The One
Arlene Harden - Lovin' Man (Oh Pretty Woman)
Babbity Blue - Don't Make Me (Fall In Love With You)
Becky Lee Beck - I Want A Beatle For Christmas
Beverly Williams - Heart
Bill Berry - I Feel Thunder
Bobby Brinkley - Tobacco Road
Bobby Powell - That Little Girl Of Mine
Bocky - Listen To The Beat Of My Heart
Bonnie Fussell - I Don't Know
Bonnie St. Claire - I Surrender
Buddy Greco - Times A Wastin'
Buena Vistas - Here Come Da Judge
Buzz And Bucky - Tiger-A-Go-Go
Carroll Bateman - Look At Me
Cathie Taylor - Baby Baby Have You Got Cheating On Your Mind
Charles Davenport - You Mean The World To Me
Charlie Moore And Bill Napier - Mousy Lucy And Bureau
Chi Chi - If You're Gonna Love Me
Chi Chi - Just Let It Happen
Chuck Corby And The Chances - Happy Go Lucky
Chuck Edwards - Downtown Soulville
Cliff Nobles - Love Is Alright
Clyde Pitts - Shakin' Like A Leaf
Connie Francis - It's Gonna Take Me Some Time
Cosmo And The Counts - Soft And Pretty
Craig Douglas - Come Be My Love
Craig Douglas - Dont Mind If I Cry
Craig Douglas - Golden Girl
Cyril Stapleton - The Theme From The Power Game
Dana Valery - The Kind Of Boy You Can't Forget
Dana Valery - This Is My Prayer
Danny Pell And The Apollos - Jingle Jump
Deena Webster - You're Losing
Della Rae - Happy Day
Denny Seyton And The Sabres - The Way You Look Tonight
Dian James - Welcome Stranger
Diana King - That Kind Of Love
Diane Renay - Please Gypsy
Diane Renay - Troublemaker
Dick Glasser - That's What I'm Gonna Do
Dick Rivers - It's Just A Matter Of Time
Don Charles - The Drifter
Don Cherry - I Run To The Door
Don Duke - When Will I Be Loved
Dora Hall - It's All Over
Dora Hall - Pretty Boy
Dora Hall - You Name It
Dorian Gray - I've Got You On My Mind
Earl Okin - Stop And You Will Become Aware
Earl Sinks - Looking For Love
Eddie Spencer - You're So Good To Me Baby
Elaine And Derek - Stepping Stone
Eldridge Holmes - A Time For Everything
Ella Fitzgerald - Get Ready
Ethna Campbell - Kiss Tomorrow Goodbye
Eydie Gorme - Just Dance On By
Found In The Closet - Vol 31 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 31 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 31 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 32 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 32 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 32 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 33 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 33 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 33 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 34 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 34 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 34 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 35 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 35 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 35 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 36 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 36 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 36 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 37 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 37 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 37 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 38 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 38 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 38 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 39 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 39 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 39 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 40 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 40 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 40 - Front
Frank Walsh - Never Be Anyone Else But You
Gail Wynters - You Don't Have To Be In Love
Gary And The Wombats - So Tough
Gary Bell - To Keep You
Gary Buck - Happy To Be Unhappy
Gary Hamel And The Shades - Walkin' Wanda
Gene Simmons - Hey, Hey Little Girl
Ginny Arnell - A Little Bit Of Love Can Hurt
Ginny Arnell - B-I-L-L-Why
Gitte - Seems Just Like Old Times
Gloria Lynne - You Don't Have To Be A Tower Of Strength
Gordon Franks And His Orchestra - Brazil
Hayley Mills - Cobbler Cobbler
Helen Ferguson - Forgetfulness
Henrietta And The Hairdooz - You Got A Lot To Learn
Jack Brown - My Special Angel
Jack Gale And The Medicine Men - The Medicine
Jackie And Millie - Ooh, Ooh
Jackie Follett - I Am What I Am
Jackie Wilson - To Make A Big Man Cry
James Mask - Let The Jukebox Die
Janie Marden - This Empty Place
Jay Bentley And The Jet Set - Watusi '64
Jenny Wren - Chasing My Dreams All Over Tow
Jerry Duane And The Monarchs - Just A Dream
Jerry Naylor - Today And Tomorrow
Jewel Akens - My First Lonely Night (Sukiyak
Jill Harris - You Really Didn't Mean It
Jim Hollis - Don't You Just Know It
Jim Warren - Oh Julie
Jimmy Beaumont - I Never Loved Her Anyway
Jimmy Durante - I Came Here To Swim
Joan Baxter - Anyone Who Had A Heart
Joanie Sommers - Never Throw Your Dreams Away
John Gary - Don't Let The Music Play
Johnny Hines - A Letter To An Angel
Johnny Nash - I'm Leaving
Johnny Newton And The Tags - Kansas City
Joy Marshall - Heartache Hurry On By
June August - Hip Kitty To Bopper
Kaye Stevens - The Grass Will Sing For You
Keely Smith - Somethin' Wonderful Happened
Kris Jensen - School Bus
Landy McNeil - What Are You Trying To Prove
Laura Leslie - It's Eternal
Lee Dorsey - Someday
Lesley Dawson - See That Guy
Lesley Duncan - Just For The Boy
Linda Laine And The Sinners - Low Grades And High Fever
Linda Scott - You Made A Fool Out Of Me
Liz Christian - Suddenly You Find Love
Lonesome Sundown - Learn To Treat Me Better
Loren Becker - Are You Really Mine
Loretta - My Heart Tells Me To Believe
Lorraine Gray - The Boy That I Want
Luiz Bonfa´ - Seville
Lynne Randell - The Right To Cry
Lysett - It's The Little Things
Margaret Whiting - Nothing Lasts Forever
Margie Mills - Goodbye Boys Goodbye
Marlene Dietrich - Where Have All The Flowers Gone
Mary Saenz - I Have Somethin' You Can't Get
Matt Lucas - No One Like You
Max Greger And His Orchestra - Big Train
Meredith MacRae - Who Needs Memories Of Him
Merylin - Promise
Mia Lewis - Baby I'm Feeling Good
Mikie And The Ardons - Three's A Crowd
Nancy Wilson - That Special Way
Norma Jean - Go Cat Go
O.C. Smith - Daddy's Little Man
Patrician-Anne - Blue Lipstick
Patterson's People - Shake Hands With The Devil
Patty Livingston - I've Got My Baby
Paul Varisco - Tell Me Where Love Goes
Perpetual Langley - Surrender
Perpetual Langley - We Wanna Stay Home
Petula Clark - Let Me Tell You
Ralph Soul Jackson - Cause I Love You
Ramona King - It's In His Kiss
Ramona King - What Have I Got To Cry About
Randi Carol - He's A Wild One
Ray Columbus And The Invaders - I Wanna Be Your Man
Ray Stevens - A-B-C
Ray Stevens - What Would I Do Without You
Richard Anthony - Your Hurting Kind Of Love
Rick Durham And The Dynamics - Black And Blue
Robin Hart - I'll Get You Yet
Ronnie Dio And The Prophets - Love Potion No. 9
Rosalind Madison - Neighborhood Girl
S. N. And The CT's - The Pleasure Of Your Company
Sam Butera - Skinny Minnie
Sammy Ambrose - Soul Shout Limbo
Satin Bells - I Stand Accused (Of Loving You)
Scott Taylor - I Can't Get You Out Of My Head
Semprini - Exodus
Shane Martin - You're So Young
Sharon McMahan - Here Comes That Boy I Love
Sharon McMann - Got To Find Another Guy
Sharon Soul - How Can I Get To You
Sheila North - I Won't Play Second Fiddle
Shirley Wahls - Why Am I Crying
Sonny Curtis - Bo-Diddley Bach
Sue And Sunny - You Can't Bypass Love
Sue Rose - Luckiest Day Of My Life
Susan Shirley - The Sun Shines Out Of My Shoes
Tempi Lorrin And The Candy Girls - Runaround (Baby-Baby)
The Angelos - Backfield In Motion
The Baby Dolls - Now That I've Lost You
The Beat Merchants - Pretty Face
The Beeds - Run To Her
The Beeds - You Dont Have To
The Blue Things - Mary Lou
The Bob Keene Orchestra - Comin' On Again
The Carltons - Hey Mr. Lonesome
The Carolines - Your My Baby
The Centurys - Whole Lot Of Shakin' Going On
The Cinders - I'll Follow You
The Crystals - Should I Keep On Waiting
The Dartells - Dartell Stomp
The Dorados - To Know Him Is To Love Him
The Dreams Band - Charge
The Du-Ettes - Please Forgive Me
The Escorts - The One To Cry
The Fantastic Vantastics - Gee What A Boy
The Five Du-Tones - Divorce Court
The Furys - If I Didn't Have A Dime
The Gaspar Sisters - Drive-In Date
The Gollywogs - Parade Of The Jelly Babies
The Goodnight Kisses - If He Kissed Me
The Half Tones - I've Had It
The Halos - Just Keep On Loving Me
The High Keyes - Daddy Ooh, Long Legs
The In Crowd - Questions And Answers
The Innocents - Don't Call Me Lonely Anymore
The Jades - My Loss, Your Gain
The Jillettes - Can't Play A Playgirl
The Kelly Sisters - Some Girls Will Do Anything
The Lemon Tree - William Chalker's Time Machine
The Light Brothers - Lost Little Girl
The Locomotive - Never Set Me Free
The Lollipops - Busy Signal
The Lollipops - He's The Boy
The Lornettes - Down The Block And Up To Heaven
The Magic Lanterns - Baby I Gotta Go Now
The Marketts - Out Of Limits
The Marketts - Surfer's Stomp
The Marvels - Keep On Searching
The Nightriders - It's Only The Dog
The Orchids - I've Got A Feeling
The Pentagons - Until Then
The Rag Dolls - Put A Ring On My Finger
The Ramblettes - Girls Cry Faster Than Boys
The Robb Storme Group - Here Today
The Rock-A-Tones - Please Don't Talk About Me (When I'm Gone)
The Rockets - Jonny B. Goode
The San Remo Strings - International Love Theme
The Secrets - Here He Comes Now
The Seventeens - Fannie Mae
The Shepherd Sisters - The Greatest Lover
The Shevelles - I Could Conquer The World
The Shortcuts - Don't Say He's Gone
The Shotgun Express - Indian Thing
The Specials - I'm Leaving It All Up To You
The Springfield Rifle - That's All I Really Need
The Stairsteps - The Shadow Of Your Love
The Standells - Dirty Water
The Starlets - You Won't Even Know Her Name
The Starlettes - All Dressed Up
The Status Cymbal - Jody
The Tiaras - I'm Gonna Forget You
The Travelers - That's All
The Trilons - I'm The One
The Tulu Babies - Although I Was To Blame
The Tymes - This Time It's Love
The Wallace Brothers - Lover's Prayer
Tiffany Michel - Come Closer
Tina And The Mustangs - Smokey Joe's
Tommy G And The Charms - I Know What I Want
Tomy Grant - Lonesome Town
Varetta And The Thomases - Fly By Night
Vilma Valera - It Must Be Him
Viv Prince - The Light Of The Charge Brigade
Wayne Cochran - Monkey Monkey (You Do It Like This)
We The People - In The Past

Found In The Closet - Vol 41 to 50

Aki Aleong - Giving Up On Love
Al And Nettie - San Francisco Twist
Al Brisco Clark And His Orchestra - Soul Food, Pt. 1
Al Wilson - I've Got A Feeling (We'll Be Seing Each Other Again)
Alan David - Get Your Love Right
Alan David - I Want So Much To Know You
Alan David - In Between Tears
Albert West - 9,999,999 Tears
Allen Mann And The Mustangs - First Love
Ann Mason - You Can't Love Me (In The Midnight Hour)
Arrival - He's Misstra Know It All
B.J. Arnau - I Want To Go Back There Again
Barry Davis - I Wish It Would Rain
Bick Ford - Cheat Cheat
Big Dee Irwin - I Want So Much To Know You
Black And White - Love Me Or Leave Me
Bobby Clanton - The Way That You Are
Brenda Lee - He's Sure To Remember Me
Bruce Forsyth - Deep Down Inside
Bruce Forsyth - Real Live Girl
Buddy Savitt - Smoke Gets In Your Eyes
Butch Lester - The Car And Keys
Celebration - Junk Man
Charlie Starr - Solitary Woman
Chloee Harris - Little People
Chris And Craig - Isha
Christopher Neil - If I Was Close To You
Chuck Bernard - Indian Giver
Chuck Ray - Baby Please Don't Let Go
Clarence 'Frogman' Henry - Tore Up Over You
Clifford T. Ward - Jayne (From Andromeda Spiral)
Connie Dee - Everybody Loves Me But You
Connie Holiday - Mrs. James I'm Mrs. Brown's Daughter
Corona Kids - The Big Ship Sails On The Ally-Ally-O
Dale Wright - Egg-Beater
Dallas - Concrete And Clay
Damita - Ode To Billy Joe
Daniel A. Stone - It Must Be Raining
Danny Goode - Let's Dance
Danny Sutton And The Fabulous Spectaculars - Boo-Da-Rac-Ka-Sacky
Danny White - Then You Can Tell Me Goodbye
Darlene Paul - All Cried Out
Deanna Shenderey - Comin' Home Baby
Debbie Taylor - Just Don't Pay
Dick Hafner - Go 'Way Tears
Disco Tex And The Sex-O-Lettes - I Wanna Dance Wit Choo (Part 2)
Dobie Gray - See You At The Go-Go
Don Costa And His Orchestra - Theme From The Miracle Worker (Hush Little Baby)
Don Duke And Bobby Stevens - Hello Mary Lou
Donnie Brooks - Boomerang
Dora Hall - Floozy Little Suzy Brown
Dora Hall - Hoochie Koochie
Dora Hall - I Ain't Gonna Kiss You
Dora Hall - Let Me Tell You Baby
Double Exposure - Everyman
Duane Yates And The Capris - Hold It
Eldridge Devlin - A Little Love
Ennio Morricone - A Fistful Of Dynamite
Etta James - Two Sides (To Every Story)
Exception - You Don't Know Like I Know
Fenton Robinson - I Believe
Focus - House Of The King
Found In The Closet - Vol 41 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 41 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 41 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 42 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 42 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 42 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 43 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 43 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 43 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 44 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 44 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 44 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 45 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 45 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 45 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 46 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 46 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 46 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 47 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 47 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 47 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 48 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 48 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 48 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 49 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 49 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 49 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 50 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 50 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 50 - Front
Frank Furter And His Hot Dogs - The Green Weenie
Fred Smith And His Orchestra - Baby Do The Philly Dog
Freddie Frank - (I Want To Be) On The Bayou Tonight
Grainger Hunt - Back In The U.S.A.
Hawkwind - Seven By Seven
Hector Rivera - At The Party
Helen La Croix - Abby (Dear Abby)
Holly Sherwood - Great Golden Day
Hoss Allen - The Eleventh Commandment
Huddersfield Transit Authority - Runaway
J. Hines And The Fellows - Victory Strut
Jack And Jill - Two Of A Kind
Jack Marshall's Music - Theme From The Munsters
Janie Hemphill - Teenage Soldier Boy
Janie Moss And The Epics - We Belong Together
Jason Eddie And The Centremen - True To You
Jean Brooks - Tommorow Never Came
Jerry Arnold - General Washington, Sir
Jerry Arnold - Honey Babe
Jerry Dyke - Things
Jimmy And Eddie - Stop Think It Over
Jimmy Borges - The Earth Stood Still
Jimmy Conwell - Second Hand Happiness
Jimmy Evans And The Jesters - Messy Bessy (My Girl's Name)
Jimmy Rabbit - Wait And See
Joan Baxter - Let Me Go Lover
Joan Baxter And The Beatmen - Baby Love
Joey Dee And The Starliters - Peppermint Twist (Part 1)
Joey Dee And The Starliters - What Kind Of Love Is This
Johnny Moped - No One
Johnny Robinson - Kansas City
Josephine Taylor - Is It Worth A Chance
Joyce Webb - It's Easier Said Than Done
Juanita Nixon - Stop Knockin'
Katherine Holt - Tired Of Crying
Kay Starr - Well I Ask Ya
Kip And Ken - Trouble With A Woman
La Wanda William - Come Back To Me
Labi Siffre - Here We Are
Larry Lynn - Well Alright
Lea Roberts - Love On My Mind
Leon Haywood - You Don't Have To See Me Cry
Little Dion - Lonely Teardrops
Little Joe And The Latinaires - Crazy Baby
Little Jonna Jaye - Dear Jimmy
Little Scooter Bill - Let's Do The Itch
Little Tina And Flight 56 - This Little Girl's Gone Rockin'
Lobo - She Didn't Do Magic
Lobo - Walk Away From It All
Lonesome Sundown - I Wanta Know Why
Lynne Jones - Come Softly To Me
Mac Truque - Mickey's Monkey
Marilyn Powell - All My Loving
Marty And The Merits - The Big Split Twist
Marty Wilde - Like Makin' Love
Mary Hopkin - I'm Going To Fall In Love Again
Maureen McGovern - I Won't Last A Day Without You
Michael Brennan - First Day In The World Without Her
Michael Brennan - Mixed-Up Guy
Miki Antony - If It Wasn't For The Reason That I Love You
Misty And The Do Drops - Answer Me, My Love
Myrna March - Our Love It Grows
Myrna March - Parade Of Broken Hearts
Odessa Harris - A Rockin' Good Way
P.J. Smith And Co - Hold On To It
Pat Minter - Tears In My Eyes
Pat Patterson - Rat-A-Ma-Cue (Part 1)
Pat Patterson - Rat-A-Ma-Cue (Part 2)
Paul Frees - Portrait Of A Fool
Paul Peek - Brother-In-Law (He's A Moocher)
Paula Marie - Bring Him Back To Me
Penny Jay - That's Tough
Polly Brown - You're My Number One
R. Dean Taylor - Window Shopping
R.B. Greaves - A Whiter Shade Of Pale
R.B. Greaves - Always Something There To Remind Me
Rainy Day Women - Rubber Baby
Ray Griff - Tongue Twistin' Time
Ray Hudson And Western Rhythmaires - Jackhammer
Ricky Ricardo - Peek-A-Boo Mary Lou
Robin Carole - The Swivel
Rod Bernard - Our Teenage Love
Ronny Douglas - You'll Come Back
Round Robin - The Vulture
Sam And Bill - I'll Try
Sam Butera - Little Liza Jane
Shelton Dunaway And The Cup Cakes - Mary Lou Doin' The Pop Eye
Sherman Evans - The Craze
Shona And The Party Lights - Nice Guy
Sir Wales Wallace - People Sure Act Funny
Stephen Stills - Love The One You're With
Steve Allen - Everyday People
Stratavarious Featuring Lady - I Got Your Love
Sugarpie DeSanto - I Want To Know
Susan Rafey - Let Me Tell You
Susan Shirley - True Love And Apple Pie
Terry Lightfoot And His New Orleans Jazzmen - Wimoweh
The Bobby Williams Group - Boogaloo Mardi Gras, Pt. 2
The Boots Percell Combo - Rinky Dink
The Bracelets - You Better Move On
The C-Quins - My Only Love
The Chirades - The Street
The Coachmen - Mr. Moon
The Creations - Girl Of My Best Friend
The Crescents - Breakout
The Dan Rubin Orchestra - The Lonely Bull
The Dave Davani Four - Tossin' And Turnin'
The Day Brothers - Cleopatra Brown
The Delcos - Just Ask
The Delvets - Will You Love Me In Heaven
The Destroyers - Compass
The Devils - Hip-Hug-Her
The Downbeats - Thinkin' Of You
The Dream Express - A Million In 1, 2, 3
The Dynamics - You Make Me Feel Good
The Fabulous Shalimars - Playing A Losing Game
The Fearsome Foursome - Fly In The Buttermilk
The Fearsome Foursome - Stranded In The Jungle
The Fenways - Whip And Jerk
The Fiestas - Broken Heart
The Five Sounds - Loadin' Coal
The Fortune Tellers - Camel Train
The Four Sportsmen - Records, Records, Records
The Gentry V - Summertime
The Glaciers - Moonlight In Vermont
The Guess Who - No Sugar Tonight (Single Version)
The Guys And Dolls - Heartaches
The Hammond Brothers - Thirty Miles Of Railroad Track
The High Spirits - Tossin' And Turnin'
The High Spirits - Turn On Your Love Light
The Interns - Just Like Me
The Invitations - Girl I'm Leavin' You
The Jades - I Know The Feelin'
The Joy's - I Loved You Once
The Kaptions - Dreaming Of You
The Keytones - La-Do-Da Da
The Lost Souls - Lost Love
The Lost Souls - My Girl
The Manhattans - Manhattan Stomp
The Maori Hi-Five - Now Is The Hour
The Megatons - Shimmy, Shimmy Walk, Part 1
The Megatons - Shimmy, Shimmy Walk, Part 2
The Mirettes - He's Alright With Me
The Monarchs - Needles And Pins
The Monarchs - This Old Heart
The Music City Orchestra - Walk Right In
The Osmonds - He's The Light Of The World
The Others - Chirpy, Chirpy, Cheep, Cheep
The Pacers - Early Morning Rain
The Painted Garden - Red, Red Wine
The Pastors - She Lets Her Hair Down (Early In The Morning)
The Performers - Set Me Free
The Piglets - Backing Track
The Poor Boys - I Will Be Free
The Precisions - Someone To Watch Over Me
The Rollers - The Teenagers' Waltz
The Romans - You Do Something To Me
The Shadows - You Made Me Cry
The Sharpees - The Sock
The Sheppards - How Do You Like It
The Singing Crusaders - Soldier In Viet Nam
The Soul Creations - Land Of 1000 Dances
The Spyders - I'm In Love Again
The Starlets - Better Tell Him No
The Sunbeams - I Fell In Love With One Of Satan's Angels
The Tidal Waves - Big Boy Pete
The Tidal Waves - I Don't Need Love
The Tides - Telstar
The Times - Looking Through The Eyes Of A Beautiful Girl
The Voice Masters - If A Woman Catches A Fool
The Volumes - Come Back Into My Heart
The Willard Posey Reunion - Fannie Mae
Timi Yuro - Talkin' About Hurt
Timothy Carr - Gone
Tina Britt - Sookie, Sookie
Tina Charles - One Broken Heart For Sale
Tommy Dee - The Return Of Billie Joe
Tony Alvon And The Belairs - Sexy Coffee Pot
Tony Christie - Give Me Your Love Again
Trinity - Drop Drop Drop (Let The Rain Fall Down)
Turk Ellis - On The Rebound
Tutti Camarata - It's Not Unusual
Tutti Frutti - Don't You Just Know It
Vanity Fare - Better By Far
Vernon Harrell - Daisy Daisy
Wayne Gibson - He's Got The Whole World In His Hands
Willie Mabon - I Gotta Go Now
Yvonne Carroll - Earth Angel

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