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Sunday, 30 September 2018

Jefferson Airplane.......Jefferson Starship


Jefferson Airplane Co-Founder Marty Balin Dead at 76

Hall of Famer and co-vocalist of San Francisco psychedelic rock band 
also founded Jefferson Starship ..

Jefferson Airplane
1966 Takes Off (2003 Remaster)
1967 After Bathing at Baxter's
1967 Surrealistic Pillow (2003 Remaster)
1968 Crown Of Creation
1969 Bless Its Pointed Little Head (2004 Remaster)
1969 Volunteers (2004 Remaster)
1971 Bark
1972 Long John Silver
1973 Thirty Seconds Over Winterland
1989 Jefferson Airplane (Reunion)
1996 Feed Your Head (Live '67-'69)
1996 Journey - The Best of Jefferson Airplane (British compilation album)

Jefferson Starship

1974 Dragon Fly
1975 Red Octopus (Remastered + Expanded 2005)
1976 Spitfire
1978 Earth
1979 Freedom At Point Zero
1981 Modern Times
1982 Winds of Change
1984 Nuclear Furniture
1993 Jefferson Starship - At Their Best
1998 Windows of Heaven
2008 Jefferson's Tree Of Liberty


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Saturday, 29 September 2018

Gladys Knight


Gladys Knight

1962 Letter Full of Tears
1965 In The Beginning (mono)
1967 Everybody Needs Love
1968 Feelin' Bluesy
1968 Silk n' Soul
1969 Nitty Gritty
1970 All In A Knight's Work [192]
1971 If I Were Your Woman
1971 Standing Ovation
1973 All I Need is Time
1973 Imagination
1973 Neither One of Us
1974 Claudine  (Original Soundtrack)
1974 I Feel a Song
1974 Knight Time
1975 2nd Anniversary
1975 A Little Knight Music
1975 Bless This House
1975 The Christmas Album [192]
1976 Pipe Dreams
1977 Still Together
1978 Miss Gladys Knight
1978 The One and Only
1979 Gladys Knight
1980 About Love
1980 That Special Time of Year
1981 Touch
1983 Visions
1985 Life
1987 All Our Love
1987 Love Overboard - Single
1990 Greatest Hits
1991 Good Woman
1991 Superwoman - Single
1994 Just For You
1996 Blue Lights in the Basement
1998 Live at The Roxy
1998 Many Different Roads
2001 At Last
2001 The Best of Gladys Knight & The Pips
2005 One Voice
2006 A Christmas Celebration [192]
2006 Before Me
2007 Midnight Train to Georgia The Best of
2011 I Who Have Nothing - Remixes
2013 Another Journey
2014 Where My Heart Belongs
Gladys Knight & The Pips - 2nd Anniversary (Expanded Edition)
Gladys Knight & The Pips - About Love (Expanded Edition)
Gladys Knight And The Pips - greatest hits
Gladys_knight_and_the_pips-i_feel_a_song  LP


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Sunday, 23 September 2018

Chas and Dave: Chas Hodges dies aged 74


 Chas and Dave: 
Chas Hodges dies aged 74

 Chas & Dave - 100 Hits Legends - Chas & Dave
Chas & Dave - A Christmas Knees-up with Chas 'n' Dave
Chas & Dave - A Cockney Christmas with Chas 'n' Dave
Chas & Dave - A Little Bit of Me
Chas & Dave - A Little Bit of Us
Chas & Dave - Chas & Dave Greatest Christmas
Chas & Dave - Chas & Dave's Street Party
Chas & Dave - Christmas Jamboree Bag
Chas & Dave - Double Bubble
Chas & Dave - Flying
Chas & Dave - Gertcha! The EMI Years
Chas & Dave - Greatest
Chas & Dave - Greatest Rarities
Chas & Dave - I'm Going Back
Chas & Dave - Jamboree Bag No. 2
Chas & Dave - Jamboree Bag No.3
Chas & Dave - Job Lot
Chas & Dave - Live at Rockpalast Zeche, Bochum, Germany 9th March, 1983
Chas & Dave - Musn’t Grumble + Job Lot
Chas & Dave - Mustn't Grumble
Chas & Dave - Not Just Anuvver Beano (Live)
Chas & Dave - Nothing You Can Do
Chas & Dave - One Fing N Anuvver
Chas & Dave - Rock 'n' Roll Party
Chas & Dave - Snooker Loopy _ Wallop (Snookered)
Chas & Dave - That's What Happens
Chas & Dave - The Best Of Chas 'N' Dave
Chas & Dave - The Essential_ Chas & Dave
Chas & Dave - The Very Best Of Chas & Dave
Chas & Dave - Well Pleased
Chas & Dave - When Two Worlds Collide SINGLE


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Saturday, 22 September 2018

Found In The Closet


Found In The Closet /// HERE

Found In The Closet - Vol 01 to 10
Found In The Closet - Vol 11 to 20
Found In The Closet - Vol 21 to 30
Found In The Closet - Vol 31 to 40
Found In The Closet - Vol 41 to 50

Found In The Closet - Vol 01 to 10

Albert Stone - Don't Believe Him Donna
Alma Cogan - Snakes, Snails And Puppy Dog Tails
Autry Inman - Mary Nell
Avert Lutrell - A Date With You
Barry St John - Come Away Melinda
Beryl Marsden - Everybody Loves A Lover
Beryl Marsden - When The Lovelight Starts Shining Through His Eyes
Billie Davis - Just Walk In My Shoes
Billie Davis - There Must Be A Reason
Billy Randall - Bye, Bye Teacher
Bitty McLean - Dedicated To The One I Love
Bo Cooper - Christian
Bob Denton - Skinny Minnie
Bobbie Jameson - Please Mr. Mailman
Bobbie Miller - What A Guy
Bobby Dean - St. James Infirmary
Bobby Doyle - The Girl Done Got It Together
Bobby Pickett - Gotta Leave This Town
Brendon - A Life In England
Bryan And The Brunelles - Jacqueline
Candlewick Green - Who Do You Think You Are
Carol Freeman - Leaving You Now
Carol Friday - Everybody I Know
Caroline Munro - Tar And Cement
Cathy Carr - To Know Him Is To Love Him
Cathy Carroll - Don't Quit
Charlie Drake - She's My Girl
Christie Allen - He's My Number One
Christine Quaite - Will You Be The Same Tomorrow
Clodagh Rodgers - Play The Drama (Till The End)
Danny King - Tossin' And Turnin'
Danny Wolfe - Pucker Paint
Dave Davani And The D-Men - Midnight Special
Davey Sands And The Essex - Advertising Girl
Dawn And The Deejays - These Are The Things About You
Del Swade - Better Get Ready Betty
Destiny's Children - The Collectors
Doctor Father - Umbopo
Dodie West - Going Out Of My Head
Don Burtin - Tatilizin' Baby
Donna Lee-Anne - Fifteen, Only Fifteen
Donna Lynn - That's Me, I'm The Brother
Eddie McKinney And The Belvederes - Teen Town Hop
Eileen Reid And The Cadets - Jealous Heart
Elkie Brooks - Something's Got A Hold On Me
Elkie Brooks - Way You Do The Things You Do
Fargo - Sunny Day Blue
Felice Taylor - Under The Influence Of Love
Found In The Closet - Vol 01 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 01 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 01 - Front
Found in The Closet - Vol 02 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 02 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 02 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 03 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 03 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 03 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 04 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 04 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 04 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 05 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 05 - CD
Found In The Closet - Vol 05 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 06 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 06 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 07 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 07 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 08 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 08 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 09 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 09 - Front
Found In The Closet - Vol 10 - Back
Found In The Closet - Vol 10 - Front
Frankie Dee - Shake It Up Baby
Fred And The Embers - I Put The Bomp
Freddie Ryder - Slow Down
Gabriel And The Angels - All Work And No Play
Gale Garnet - I Make Him Fly
Gerri Granger - Castle In The Sky
Ginny Arnell - Tell Me What He Said
Glenda Collins - Thou Shalt Not Steal
Gloria Jones - Finders Keepers
Gloria Jones - Run One Flight Of Stairs
Goldie And The Gingerbreads - Can't You Hear My Heartbeat
Gunilla Thorpe - Merry Go Round
Hamilton King - Ain't It Time
Hayley Mills - Green And Yellow Basket
Helen Shapiro - Your My Remedy
Honey Cone - While You're Out Looking For Sugar {Single}
J And B - Wow! Wow! Wow!
J. Bastos - Holy Goly Girl
Jack Hammer - Kissin' Twist
James Ray - I'm Walking Behind You
Jan Panter - Scratch My Back
Janice Peters - A Girl Likes
Janie Black - Lonely Sixteen
Janie Jones - Witches Brew
Jean Dinning - Bo Diddley
Jeannie And The Big Guys - Sticks And Stones
Jennie Smith - It's Murder For Roberta
Jerry Lee Lewis - I'm On Fire
Jerry McGill And The Topcoats - Lovestruck
Jimmy Boyd - I Would Never Do That
Joanie Bartels - Martian Hop
Joe South - You're The Reason
Johnny Lion - Haunted Heart
Johnny Sandon And The Remo - Lies
Jon - Polly Sunday
Judi Miller - Wait Johnny For Me
Judy Carnes - Sock It To Me
Julie And The Desires - Kiss And Tell
Julie Budd - I Love Your Kind Of Loving
Julie Rogers - Day By Day
Julie Rogers - The Love Of A Boy
Kari Lynn - Cleo Cleopatra
Karol Keyes - No One Can Take Your Place
Kenni Woods - Can't He Take A Hint
Kevin Shegog - Little Sister Laura
Kim Roberts - Love Can't Wait
Lesley Miller - Just Another Fresh Boy
Linda Glass - Before Love Beats Me Going
Linda Layne - Mark My Word
Little Pattie - Dance Puppet Dance
Little Pattie - Gravitation
Little Pattie - He's My Blonde Headed Stompie Wompie, Real Gone Surfer Boy
Little Tony And His Brothers - The Hippy Hippy Shake
Llan - Anytime
Lori Martin - The Home Of The Boy I Love
Lorne Lesley - Someone Like You
Louise Cordet - I'm Just A Baby
Lulu - What A Wonderful Feeling
Lyn Cornell - I Sold My Heart To The Junkman
Lyn Cornell - The Sweet Life
Lynsey De Paul - Sugar Me
Mac Davis - I'm A Poor Loser
Mamie Van Doren - The Bikini With No Top On The Top
Marc Grey - My First Day Without You
Margie Rayburn - Every Minute Of The Day
Marty Rhone - Denim And Lace
Mary McCarthy - You Know He Did
Maureen Evans - Love, Kisses And Heartaches
Maxine Nightingale - Don't Push Me Baby
Meredith MacRae - Image Of A Boy
Mia Lewis - Nothing Lasts Forever
Michael Leslie - Make Up Or Break Up
Muriel Day - The Wages Of Love
Nancy - Hesitatin'
Nancy Day - Teen Age Hop
Nancy Thomas - Rainbow Girl
Neil Landon - I've Got Nothing To Lose
Nick Berry - Heartbeat
Opus - Baby Come On
Pamela Blue - My Friend Bobby
Pat Reader - Cha Cha On The Moon
Patsy Ann Noble - You're My Good Looking Boy
Patty Surbey - Hey, Boy!
Paula Parfitt - Love Is Wonderful
Pebbles - Playing Chess
Pete Tierney And The Nighthawks - That's Too Bad
Peter London - Baby, I Like The Look Of You
Ray Singer - What's Done Has Been Done
Robb And Dean Douglas - Gentle People
Roger And The Markees - Liza Lee
Roger Bloom's Hammer - 15% Temperature Rise
Ronny Keenan - Jukebox Queen
Ruby Murray - Goodbye Jimmy Goodbye
Rumplestiltskin - Squadron Leader Johnson
Samantha Jones - Go Ahead
Samantha Jones - Today Without You
Sandie Shaw - Today
Shirley Caddell - The Big Bounce
Shirley Matthews - Big Town Boy
Sonny Lowery - Goodbye Baby Goodbye
Steve Francis - Watch Your Step
Sue Landers - It Hurts Too Much To Laugh
Susan Cowsill - Don't Worry Baby
Susan Maughan - Come Along Down And See Me
Suzi Miller And The Johnston Brothers - Happy Days And Lonely Nights
Suzie - Johnny Loves Me
Tammy St. John - Boys
Texas Red And The Contours - Comin' Home
The Andromeda - Keep Out I'm Dying
The Blackwells - Why Don't You Love Me
The Bliss - Lifetime
The Blue Chips - Some Kind Of Lovin'
The Blue Rondos - I Don't Want Your Lovin' No More
The Bobby Doyle Three - Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words)
The Boston Crabs - As Long As I Have You
The Brimstones - I'm In Misery
The Brotherhood - Give It To Me Now
The Bunch - You Can't Do This
The Carlew Choir - Huma Lama
The Charles E. Funk Rebellion - It's Gonna Be The Death Of You
The Clinger Sisters - Golly Mum
The Corsairs - Pay You Back With Interest
The Creatures - It Must Be Love
The Definitive Rock Chorale - Picture Postcard World
The Deuce Coup - Angela
The Dodos - I Made Up My Mind
The Eire Apparent - Yes I Need Someone
The Endevers - She's My Girl
The England Sisters - Heartbeat
The Falling Leaves - She Loves To Be Love
The Francettes - Young Daddy
The Fresh Windows - Summer Sun Shines
The Fruit Machine - I'm Alone Today
The Gentle Power Of Song - Constant Penelope
The Girls - Way Way Out
The Glass Menagerie - Do You Ever Think
The Guards - Let Me Go Home
The Guild - The Sun Shines For You
The Hangmen - Bad Goodbye
The Hi-Fi's - I Keep Forgetting
The Hollywood Argyles - Sho' Know A Lot About Love
The Huskies - Matchbox
The Imposters - Q111
The Inmates - More Than I Have
The Lady Birds - Why Must I Be Lonely
The Laurie Jay Combo - Teenage Idol
The Little Darlings - Easy To Cry
The Martells - Time To Say Goodbye
The Mauroks - Susan
The McCoys - Ko-Ko
The Michael Sammes Singers - Somewhere My Love
The Mockingbirds - I Can Feel We're Parting
The Montanas - Doctor Nero
The Niteshades - I'm Not Gonna Worry
The North Stars - Eenie Meenie Minee Mo
The Nothings - At Times Like These
The Open Mind - Magic Potion
The Perishers - How Does It Feel
The Playground - I Could Be So Good
The Putney Bridge - Meaning Of Love
The Pyramids - Baby's Gone Away
The Quiet Five - Goodnight Sleep Tight
The Rare Bird - Hammerhead
The Rats - Dragon Child
The Raw Material - Traveller Man (Part 1)
The Rebels - Call Me
The Rescue Co. No. 1 - It's Only Words
The Rocamars - All In Black Woman
The Roger James Four - Leave Me Alone
The Rumble - Let Me Dawn
The Scaffold - Liver Birds
The Sir Douglas Quintet - Stagger Lee
The Smoke Ring - How'd You Get To Be So Wonderful
The Smoke Ring - Waitin' For Love To Come My Way
The Staccatos - Come Back Silly Girl
The Stains - Now And Then
The Sunsets - Playmate Of The Year
The Sweet - Chop Chop
The Taiconderoga - Speaking My Mind
The Tasmanians - Baby
The Troggery Five - It's So Easy
The Viscounts - Mama's Doin' The Twist
The Walrus - Who Can I Trust
The West Five - If It Don't Work Out Again
Theola Kilgore - The Sound Of A Man (Chain Gang)
Tiffany And The Thoughts - Find Out What's Happening
Toby Twirl - Utopia Daydream
Together - Good Morning World
Tommy Bishop's Ricochets - I Should Have Known
Tommy Bruce And The Bruisers - Boom Boom
Tony And The Del-Fi's - Going To Miami
Tony Colton - Lose My Mind
Tracy Rogers - Baby
Val McKenna - Baby Do It
Valerie Carr - I Talked Too Much
Valerie Masters - He Didn't Fool Me
Veronica Lee - Foreign Boy
Vikki Carr - I Only Have Eyes For You
Wayne Gibson And The Dynamic Sound - Baby Baby Baby Pity Me
Wes Voight - I'm Ready To Go Steady
Yemm And The Yemen - Black Is The Night


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Tuesday, 11 September 2018

Jackie Trent


Jackie Trent 

1965 - The Magic Of Jackie Trent

1965 - Yesterdays
1967 - Once More With Feeling
1967 - Stop Me And Buy One
1967 - The Two Of Us (With Tony Hatch)
1968 -  Live For Love (With Tony Hatch)
1969 - The Look Of Love
1975 - Can't Give It Up (With Bonus Tracks)
1990 - A Golden Hour Of Jackie Trent
2009 - Trentquility
2010 - Where Are You Now - The Pye Anthology
Jackie Trent  eigen compilatie Jackie Trent 50 Tracks


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