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Tuesday, 18 April 2017

Apple Singles collection UK (10 & 16 cd versions)

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16 cd bootleg ...


1-1The BeatlesHey Jude
1-2The BeatlesRevolution!
1-3Mary HopkinThose Were The Days
1-4Mary HopkinTurn, Turn, Turn
1-5Jackie LomaxSour Milk Sea
1-6Jackie LomaxThe Eagle Laughs At You
1-7The Black Dyke Mills BandThingumybob
1-8The Black Dyke Mills BandYellow Submarine
1-9The IveysMaybe Tomorrow
1-10The IveysAnd Her Daddy's A Millionaire
1-11(White) Trash*Road To Nowhere
1-12(White) Trash*Illusions
1-13Mary HopkinGoodbye
1-14Mary HopkinSparrow
1-15The BeatlesGet Back
1-16The BeatlesDon't Let Me Down
1-17Jackie LomaxNew Day
1-18Jackie LomaxFall Inside Your Eyes
1-19The BeatlesThe Ballad Of John And Yoko
1-20The BeatlesOld Brown Shoe
2-1Billy PrestonThat's The Way God Planned It
2-2Billy PrestonWhat About You?
2-3The Plastic Ono BandGive Peace A Chance
2-4The Plastic Ono BandRemember Love
2-5The IveysStorm In A Teacup
2-6James Taylor (2)Something's Wrong
2-7Jackie LomaxLittle Yellow Pills
2-8Mary HopkinPebble And The Man
2-9The Radha Krsna TempleHare Krishna Mantra
2-10The Radha Krsna TemplePrayer To The Spiritual Master
2-11Trash (9)Golden Slumbers/Carry That Weight
2-12Trash (9)Trash Can
2-13Hot Chocolate Band*Give Peace A Chance
2-14Hot Chocolate Band*Living Without Tomorrow
2-15Billy PrestonEverything's All Right
2-16Billy PrestonI Want To Thank You
2-17The Plastic Ono BandCold Turkey
2-18The Plastic Ono BandDon't Worry Kyoko (Mummy's Only Looking For Her Hand In The Snow)
3-1The BeatlesSomething
3-2The BeatlesCome Together
3-3BadfingerCome And Get It
3-4BadfingerRock Of All Ages
3-5Mary HopkinTemma Harbour
3-6Mary HopkinLontano Degli Occhi
3-7Billy PrestonAll That I've Got (I'm Gonna Give It To You)
3-8Billy PrestonAs I Get Older
3-9Jackie LomaxHow The Web Was Woven
3-10Jackie LomaxThumbin' A Ride
3-11Doris TroyAin't That Cute
3-12Doris TroyVaya Con Dios
3-13John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band*Instant Karma! (We All Shine On)
3-14Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band*Who Has Seen The Wind
3-15The Radha Krsna TempleGovinda
3-16The Radha Krsna TempleGovinda
3-17The BeatlesLet It Be
3-18The BeatlesYou Know My Name (Look Up The Number)
3-19Mary HopkinKnock Knock Who's There?
3-20Mary HopkinI'm Going To Fall In Love Again
4-1Doris TroyJacob's Ladder
4-2Doris TroyGet Back
4-3Mary HopkinThink About Your Children
4-4Mary HopkinHeritage
4-5BadfingerNo Matter What
4-6BadfingerBetter Days
4-7James Taylor (2)Carolina In My Mind
4-8James Taylor (2)Something's Wrong
4-9George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord
4-10George HarrisonWhat Is Life
4-11Paul McCartneyAnother Day
4-12Paul McCartneyOh Woman Oh Why
4-13John Lennon / Plastic Ono Band*Power To The People
4-14Yoko Ono / Plastic Ono Band*Open Your Box
4-15Ringo StarrIt Don't Come Easy
4-16Ringo StarrEarly 1970
4-17Ronnie SpectorTry Some Buy Some
4-18Ronnie SpectorTandoori Chicken
4-19Mary HopkinLet My Name Be Sorrow
4-20Mary HopkinKew Gardens
4-21Bill Elliot* And The Elastic Oz Band*God Save Us
4-22Plastic Oz Band*Do The Oz
5-1George HarrisonBangla Desh
5-2George HarrisonDeep Blue
5-3Paul & Linda McCartneyBack Seat Of My Car
5-4Paul & Linda McCartneyHeart Of The Country
5-5Ravi ShankarJoi Bangla
5-6Ravi ShankarOh Bhaugowan
5-7Ravi ShankarRaga Mishri Jhinjhot
5-8Yoko OnoMrs Lennon
5-9Yoko OnoMidsummer New York
5-10Mary HopkinWater, Paper & Clay
5-11Mary HopkinJefferson
5-12BadfingerDay After Day
5-13BadfingerSweet Tuesday Morning
5-14Yoko OnoMind Train
5-15Yoko OnoListen, The Snow Is Falling
5-16Wings (2)Give Ireland Back To The Irish
5-17Paul McCartneyGive Ireland Back To The Irish
5-18Ringo StarrBack Off Boogaloo
5-19Ringo StarrBlindman
5-20Wings (2)Mary Had A Little Lamb
5-21Wings (2)Little Woman Love
6-1Chris Hodge (2)We're On Our Way
6-2Chris Hodge (2)Supersoul
6-3The Sundown PlayboysSaturday Night Special
6-4The Sundown PlayboysValse De Soleil Choucher
6-5John & Yoko* / Plastic Ono Band* Featuring The Harlem Community ChoirHappy Xmas (War Is Over)
6-6John & Yoko* / Plastic Ono Band*Listen, The Snow Is Falling
6-7Wings (2)Hi Hi Hi
6-8Wings (2)C Moon
6-9David Peel & The Lower East SideF Is Not A Dirty Word
6-10David Peel & The Lower East SideThe Ballad Of New York City
6-11Elephants MemoryPower Boogie
6-12Elephants MemoryLiberation Special
6-13Lon & Derrek Van EatonWarm Woman
6-14Lon & Derrek Van EatonMore Than Words
6-15Paul McCartney & Wings*My Love
6-16Paul McCartney & Wings*The Mess
6-17Yoko OnoDeath Of Samanta
6-18Yoko OnoYang Yang
6-19George HarrisonGive Me Love (Give Me Peace On Earth)
6-20George HarrisonMiss O'Dell
7-1Wings (2)Live And Let Die
7-2Wings (2)I Lie Around
7-3Ringo StarrPhotograph
7-4Ringo StarrDown And Out
7-5Paul McCartney & Wings*Helen Wheels
7-6Paul McCartney & Wings*Country Dreamers
7-7Yoko OnoRun Run Run
7-8Yoko OnoMen Men Men
7-9John LennonMind Games
7-10John LennonMeat City
7-11Ringo StarrYou're Sixteen (You're Beautiful, And You're Mine)
7-12Ringo StarrDevil Woman
7-13Paul McCartney & Wings*Jet
7-14Paul McCartney & Wings*Let Me Roll It
7-15BadfingerApple Of My Eye
7-16BadfingerBlind Owl
7-17Paul McCartney & Wings*Band On The Run
7-18Paul McCartney & Wings*Zoo Gang
7-19John LennonWhatever Gets You Through The Night
7-20John LennonBeef Jerky
8-1Paul McCartney & Wings*Junior's Farm
8-2Paul McCartney & Wings*SallyG.
8-3Ringo StarrOnly You (And You Alone)
8-4Ringo StarrCall Me
8-5George HarrisonDing Dong Ding Dong
8-6George HarrisonI Don't Care Anymore
8-7John Lennon#9 Dream
8-8John LennonWhat You Got
8-9Ringo StarrSnookeroo
8-10Ringo StarrOo-Wee
8-11George HarrisonDark Horse
8-12George HarrisonHari's On Tour (Express)
8-13John LennonStand By Me
8-14John LennonMove Over Ms L
8-15George HarrisonYou
8-16George HarrisonWorld Of Stone
8-17John LennonImagine
8-18John LennonWorking Class Hero
8-19Ringo StarrOh My My
8-20Ringo StarrNo No Song
9-1George HarrisonThis Guitar (Can't Keep From Crying)
9-2George HarrisonMaya Love
9-3Mary HopkinThose Were The Days
9-4Billy PrestonThat's The Way God Planned It
9-5Jackie LomaxSour Milk Sea
9-6BadfingerCome And Get It
9-7The BeatlesBaby It's You
9-8The BeatlesI'll Follow The Sun
9-9The Beatles(There's A) Devil In Her Heart
9-10The BeatlesBoys
9-11The BeatlesFree As A Bird
9-12The BeatlesI Saw Her Standing There
9-13The BeatlesThis Boy
9-14The BeatlesChristmas Time (Is Here Again)
9-15The BeatlesReal Love
9-16The BeatlesBaby's In Black
9-17The BeatlesYellow Submarine
9-18The BeatlesHere, There And Everywhere
9-19Brute Force (2)King Of Fuh
9-20Brute Force (2)Nobody Knows
10-1John LennonInterview
10-2Mary HopkinAn Jenem Tag
10-3Mary HopkinQue Tiempo Tan Feliz
10-4Mary HopkinGoodbye
10-5BadfingerCome And Get It
10-6Plastic Ono Band*What's The New Mary Jane?
10-7Plastic Ono Band*Laugh
10-8Billy PrestonMy Sweet Lord
10-9Billy PrestonLong As I Got You Baby
10-10Ronnie SpectorYou
10-11Ronnie SpectorLovely La-De-Day
10-12Ringo StarrIt Don't Come Easy
10-13BadfingerName Of The Game
10-14BadfingerBaby Blue
10-16Wings (2)Love Is Strange
10-17Wings (2)I Am Your Singer (Live)
10-18Splinter (2)Another Chance That I Let Go
10-19George HarrisonMy Sweet Lord
10-20George HarrisonWhat Is Life
10-21Ringo Starr & George HarrisonInterview

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  1. Are Vol. 1 and 4 of the 16 CD Version not included?
    Greetings Tom

    1. Thank you for fixing
      Greetings Tom

  2. Some ignorant people out there ...
    Try saying
    THANK YOU for your hard word.first.
    And then help by saying there is an error ..
    Typical take take take arsehole !!